Vietnam War

Timeline of events

Vietnam War: supporting resources

  • Student resources
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    The Vietnam Conflict,

    . The struggle against France for independence, 1945-54
    . US policy and intervention, 1954-64
    . Confrontation in the Vietnam War, escalation 1964-68
    . Nixon & Ford's policies- Vietnamisation, peace, and Communist victory, 1969-75
    . The impact of conflict on civilians in Vietnam & attitudes in the USA

    Comprehensive notes
    Exercises & worksheets
    Media recommendations
    Primary sources

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  • Films

    Numerous films portray the Vietnam War.
    Below are some of our recommendations., based on what I have used in class.
    Be beware that some content my be inappropriate for your class. Please check before showing.

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  • YouTube

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    Check out or youtube channel:
    GCSE History for selected recommended viewings.

Vietnam War: timeline