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Timelines and resources for GCSE and IGCSE History

About gcsehistory.uk
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The site has been created to provide key content for students studying GCSE and IGCSE History.

Currently we are primarily focusing on Edexcel and AQA exam boards.

Each topic features a timeline for the period, as well as bespoke resources.

In addition, we have suggested films that support learning and there are clips on our youtube channel.

About me
Over 30 years of experience of teaching GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A level History, Business, Tourism and PSHE

The resources are generally designed specifically for each exam board.

This website is dedicated to History, with other subjects available on www.resourcesforschools.com.

Timelines are generally sequential but are focused on the main events of the topics, so there is some crossover in terms of dates.
The timelines are accompanied by audio visual resources and teaching resources to enhance the learning.
The timelines are created using the information contained in the resources for the topics. These resources are comprehensive and very competitively priced. Some topics have a choice of information only and information and student activities.
Contact us
This is just the beginning of the journey. so I welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve the content and the user experience.

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Other teaching resources

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Educational resources for:
History, Business, Tourism & PSHE
+ teaching strategies, quizzes, posters. media recommendations, museums etc

GCSE History channel
provides playlist of media for each History topic.
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